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School started, baby pen bag how to choose?


The pen bag can be used to hold pens or other small stationery, which is more convenient to carry than the pencil box, feels more comfortable, and saves space than it, so that the most things can be packed in the smallest space and more small space can be used. Pen bags are favored by students. According to the material, the pen bag has leather, synthetic leather, cotton, Oxford cloth, plastic pen bag and three-dimensional picture pen bag. The shapes are rectangular, cylindrical and different shapes.

Pen case benefits

The pen bag, similar to the function of the pen box, is made of fabric or cooked glue, can be washed, does not rust, and is not as few as the pen box can be placed, and is easy to carry.

Pen bag use knowledge

1, the zipper protection of the pen bag is the most important, but the pen bag is not balanced, so it can rarely be completed at one time when the zipper needs 2-3 times, so do not pursue fast when the zipper is slow, and safe.

2, all the stationery into the pen bag must be covered, the knife must be sure not to expose the slightest bit, the pen must be covered, the pen must be covered.

3, do not press the pen bag, otherwise the stationery and the bag will be damaged together.

4, do not use the zipper head as a hand part.

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