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What are the advantages of canvas bags?


With the implementation of the plastic limit, more and more people choose canvas bags when shopping. In addition to environmental protection, the canvas bag is lightweight and durable, and the price is not expensive. Today, let's take a look at the advantages of canvas bags!

Environmentally friendly canvas bag, many styles, new style, can be used as a general environmentally friendly shopping bag, but also as a corporate advertising promotion gift. Canvas bag is a kind of fashion environmentally friendly cloth bag, this bag whether it is workmanship or material, the requirements are very high, otherwise the high-end effect can not come out, but will make people feel neither.

1, environmental health

The material of the canvas bag is the same as that of the cotton bag, which is taken from nature and will not cause harm to the human body.

2. Affordable price

The biggest cost is the fabric, some non-woven bags are using environmentally friendly ink, generally not to save money and cut corners, said here can also be called environmental protection.

3, strong and durable

Noticed that the fabric of the environmental canvas bag used for two years did not have any damage, but some places opened the line (sometimes very heavy things, manufacturers do not do well), so the workmanship is exquisite manufacturers, which is from the publicity time oh;

4. Beautiful and practical

Many units in order to promote their own cloth bag design is very beautiful, from the function is also very complete, what with lining, with zipper, with mobile phone bag, bag compartment, with dark layer, etc., is really careful consideration. Of course, God is not good for people, good environmental bags who love to back, carrying when the bag, this is the publicity rate.

5, easy to clean

It is also easier to clean, and it is not easy to deform after washing, which is much stronger than non-woven fabrics.

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